Are the project titles clear and relevant documents/legal opinions available?
Yes, every SJPD project has clear and relevant documents/legal available. Please visit our site office for project specific details of documents/legal opinions.

Is the project approved?
Yes, all are projects are approved and adhere to rules and regulations of the local governing agencies.

Is the customization of the floor plans allowed?
We are sorry but the customization of flooring is not allowed.

How are the payments linked?
The payments are directly linked to the construction progress of the project.

What are the other taxes to be made along with the milestone payment?
Service tax and VAT are the two other taxes that one has to make along with the milestone payment.

What are the additional/statutory charges to be paid?
Registration charges, stamp duty, katha, corpus fund and maintenance charges of the property.

Will the entire project be launched in single phase?
Depending on the project size, the launch phases are decided.

Do you arrange for the site visits?
Yes, we arrange for site visits as per your convenience.

When will the flats be handed over to us?
The ideal handover time of a project is 30 months from the date of initiation of the project’s construction.

Do the projects have provision for drinking water?
Yes, all SJPD  projects have necessary arrangements to provide drinking water to its residents.