Marketing Executive– (15 nos):

SJPD is looking for experienced marketing executives to strengthen their marketing team.


→ Graduate in any discipline
→ Minimum 1-2 years of work experience
→ Analyzing the market, including competitors and consumers
→ Executing marketing strategies and campaigns
→ Monitoring and arranging the distribution of promotional materials
→ Monitoring and coordinating the production of promotional materials
→ Overseeing and implementing product distribution
→ Attending and organizing sales promotional events and exhibitions
→ Coordinating with and reporting to managers to carry out campaigns
→ Acting as liaisons between the media, suppliers, and clients



→ Excellent verbal communication
→ Excellent written communication
→ Ability to think outside the box and be creative
→ Effective organizational skills
→ Ability to plan and formulate strategies
→ Ability to implement strategies by using or adapting tactics
→ Ability to adjust to and work with teams
→ Ability to drive and inspire
→ Confidence
→ Attention to detail
→ Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
→ Interest in and awareness of markets and financial implications
→ Quick decision-making abilities
→ Excellent knowledge of their companies’ present and past product lines
→ Ability to identify market segments, niches, and potential markets
→ Thorough knowledge of competitors’ products and services
→ Ability to withstand criticism and irritated people